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  1. rosemary boneless leg of lamb w/pics
  2. Irish Stew w/ smoked lamb and smoked veggies. Lots of pics
  3. Guiness smoked lamb shanks
  4. Louie's Gig for Being Double Nickles
  5. Lamb chops - smoke or grill?
  6. Grilled Lamb Chops
  7. 12 Cloves Of Garlic Stuffed Leg Of Lamb - Early Easter W/Pics
  8. Spit Roasting awhole Lamb
  9. Smoked Leg of Lamb w/ Q-vue
  10. Leg of Da Lamb
  11. Chupa de LamsCabra Bolas
  12. lamb rub recipe anyone?
  13. Lavender Rubb a Dubb Dub Leg O the Beast!!
  14. Ain't no GOAT thread, so...
  15. Whole goat
  16. My first leg of lamb/first lamb ever
  17. Some Lamb
  18. Goat on the lang??
  19. Leg of Lamb Today
  20. lamp roast.
  21. Another Leg of Lamb with Brussel Sprout Caserole
  22. Stuffed Leg-O-Lamb
  23. Contest Entry #7
  24. Leg of Lamb on the Weber
  25. Capetown Lamb
  26. Lamb Rib Smoke
  27. Blessed..
  28. lamb breast, ?fail?
  29. Rack of lamb OMG!
  30. An Irish inspired dinner... Slainte!
  31. Lamb on the menu
  32. Tantonka Dust Review #1 Chops on the Weber
  33. Mogul butterflied lamb
  34. Grape Vine Smoked Leg of Lamb on the Weber
  35. I ROCKED THIS ONE! Roasted lamb
  36. Boneless Leg o Lamb
  37. Rack of Lamb
  38. From the kitchen Leg of lamb
  39. ? about lamb for the experts
  40. Braised lamb shanks in redwine, Tuscan onions, garlic and Rosmary .
  41. New Years Eve Dinner for Sweetie and I
  42. Quick roast lamb
  43. Inside out Gyro on a stick Fattie.
  44. Well I finally perfected pulled lamb
  45. Lambwich
  46. It's Australia Day!
  47. Lamb Kofta
  48. Lamb on a spit in cape town
  49. Pulled lamb with MH GP rub
  50. Easter dinner garlic stuffed lamb
  51. Mad Hunky Pulled Lamb Pitta Pockets
  52. Roasted Lamb
  53. got me some Lamb Ribs!
  54. ROTTISERIED Stuffed leg of lamb. PIC HEAVY!
  55. Smoked Leg-O-Lamb marinated in kalamata olive tapenade!
  56. lamb roast pita pockets
  57. Braised Lamb Shanks... from school - last one I promise.
  58. Grilled Rack of Lamb (2) ;)
  59. SMOKED Lamb
  60. Smoked Lamb Chops
  61. First leg of lamb
  62. Chivo Goat Leg on Indian Frybread
  63. Stuffed Leg of Lamb.
  64. Silence of the Lamb Leg
  65. Showing a bit of leg
  66. Shepherd's Pie
  67. Lamb chops and Roasted taters
  68. Grilled Lamb Chops on the Keg
  69. Leg of Lamb
  70. Lamb Ham....Huh, Who'da Thunk??? With Recipe To Boot
  71. Hey! Smoked-Meat...... What's Cooking This Weekend?
  72. Tatonka lamb loin chops
  73. smoked lamb shanks.........
  74. Wee Leg O' lamb
  75. Redneck Rotiss
  76. Spinning some lamb!
  77. Lamb steak
  78. Lamb and mint risotto
  79. Shepherd's Pie
  80. Took a lamb leg for a spin...
  81. Smoked Boneless Leg Of Lamb
  82. Shepherd's Pie
  83. Lamb Chops(mini T-Bones) on the Keg
  84. Smoke lamb
  85. Lamb and more lamb
  86. Redneck Rotiss II
  87. Lamb loin chops and dates
  88. Boneless Leg from Costco
  89. Rack-o-Lamb!! Haven't done one in a while...
  90. Loin Lamb Chops on the Keg
  91. Hot, Smoked, Merquén Spiced, Rack Of Lamb
  92. Shepherd's Pie for First Dinner Home
  93. Lamb shoulder
  94. First time with Lamb
  95. Lamb Salami
  96. Leg of lamb
  97. Lamb ribs - yes really lol
  98. Lamb Chops n Breakfast
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