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  1. Morning wood!
  2. Reverse flow on wheels almost finished
  3. Pre Burn Barrel..??
  4. Score! 430 more sq. inches space in Lang
  5. The "Outhouse" smokehouse.
  6. My New BBQ Grill
  7. bbally Rig first Burn! Seasoning only no meat
  8. Nice bbq-pit on wheels
  9. Making of a BBQ-PIT (part 1)
  10. Making of a BBQ-PIT (part 2)
  11. Anybody need a loooong smoker?
  12. Pimp My Barbeque
  13. BBally's BBQ Bash
  14. Looking for a Lang 48 Patio or something similar to buy
  15. My New Used First Stick Burner!
  16. Funky reverse flow
  17. Fatman & Littleboy Build with (Pics)
  18. Mods to the Oklahoma Joe
  19. Fatman & Littleboy Update with (Pics)
  20. I guess I'm ready for you to see it.
  21. Question on Exhaust depth?
  22. smokin joe's smokers
  23. In Honor Of The Homebuilt Stick Burner...
  24. Weekend#4 Project Fatman with (pics)
  25. Weekend#6 Project Fatman with (pics)
  26. Fatman has It's first coat of paint...
  27. Fatman Is Finished Finally
  28. Building Stonehenge
  29. Another good weekend
  30. i'm diggin' this beast
  31. Lang Modifications
  32. Harbor freight Coupon
  33. Bandera Firebox Lid Mod
  34. Lang 60 mobile deluxe w/warmer/improvements
  35. Ever seen a saw like this?
  36. i'm trying to find
  37. Doing a Happy Dance!
  38. Cajunator Smoker with pics-Design by Zeeker
  39. Building a new reverse flow for the deck
  40. Charcoal VS Stick burners
  41. Air flow mods
  42. What do you guys think of this cooker for sale?
  43. Klose Close
  44. modifications on the Brinkmaster
  45. day view of machine gun smoker
  46. Up for auction
  47. Close-Klose
  48. The Klose Came...
  49. Klose Tweaks
  50. Thinking out loud about a new pit
  51. sold my lang 60 deluxe
  52. I now have my Lang 84 deluxe
  53. Klose Pit $500 Arlington, WA
  54. Another Klose Pit For Sale
  55. Reverse flow plate question
  56. Cut off blades
  57. Fire box size
  58. Looking to build,
  59. New old/used (but not used up) OK Joe smoker
  60. Lang 60 w/warmer in Alabama
  61. Resurrecting the Longhorn with lots of pics...And Merry Christmas to me...
  62. A Good Find... I Hope!!
  63. Wood Types and BTUs
  64. smoker box
  65. heat temps
  66. My RF Competition trailer build
  67. Builds are started...
  68. Cha-Ching My Garage Sale Find
  69. Frankensmoker completed
  70. Just ordered another Lang 60 Deluxe
  71. Our Production RF Patio Smoker
  72. Please help me locate.....
  73. Anyone familiar?
  74. Yoder Durango Review - What a gem of a smoker!
  75. The Yoder Durango - Beef Brisket Test w/Video
  76. Whats the deal...
  77. Found a good builder in my area..
  78. One Big Ball!!!
  79. Lang/reverse flow owners
  80. custom built trailer mounted reverse flow thing of wonder and beauty
  81. Our latest Reverse Flow build
  82. Oklahoma Joe
  83. Cleaning your stick burner...
  84. Squirrel gotta another new toy, she puttin' on big girl panties (pink ones) hell to
  85. Oil drum used to build a vertical reverse flow...
  86. I'm new here and wanting to build my own smoker. Need Plans
  87. little help
  88. Belated Christmas present
  89. Reverse Flow or Tuning Plates?
  90. My first 250 build..
  91. Close to being done gonna fire it up this weekend:)
  92. Finally done with my 250 gallon rig
  93. New smoker.. Massive 500 gallon offset
  94. Burning Hot and Clean on yer stick burner
  95. just scored a cord of mixed wood
  96. Fired up the "big guy" !
  97. New Toy!!
  98. Lang 36"
  99. Got the Brinkmann here
  100. Hmmmmm
  101. Smoker almost done
  102. Pics for Rikerz
  103. Another new smoker and my first offset smoker
  104. can't find what i am looking for
  105. my 2 hr smoker build
  106. Someone has a new smoker... :{)
  107. Opinions on a rebuild
  108. So most of you know
  109. The Lang gets some blang...
  110. Murphy law and my first time smokin with me new smoker
  111. Your thoughts on this Fire Pit
  112. Custom Santa Maria Style Wood Pit
  113. Questions about smokers on trailers
  114. The Scottsdale as a Pizza Oven - Wood Fire Cooked Pizza on the Scottsdale. I love it!
  115. Pellet smoker advice
  116. A Craigs List New Braunfels Chuckwagon
  117. What think Ye ??
  118. Yoder Kingman on a Comp Cart
  119. Good deal?
  120. CL find in KY
  121. Getting rid of build up
  122. My new Yoder Kingman Comp
  123. My new smoker
  124. Now here is a Man's Smoker and Grilling Machine
  125. Any Horizon Owners Oot There???
  126. I'm liking this Pizza Oven
  127. what size of wood to use
  128. New addition to the family!!
  129. New (old) pit!! New Braunfels El Dorado
  130. using a water pan in a Yoder wichita
  131. Need help in choosing the mobile grill pit for catering
  132. Well She Arrived As Promised
  133. Smoking Chuck Roast on the Wood Burner
  134. Too Cold to Smoke
  135. Hey All You Heathens!!!
  136. The Newest Addition to our Arsenal
  137. The Pit
  138. got my reworked yoder back it time to smoke
  139. oh yeah,,, fun with wood
  140. Yoder Cheyenne
  141. Peoria Custom Cookers
  142. opinions on this Meadow Creek
  143. New Build: MMP2
  144. Re-built fire grate for the Lang
  145. what's an original Okie Joe 16" worth
  146. Stickburning Questions
  147. Oklahoma Joe Convection Plate
  148. side firebox stick burner salvation,,, free at last!!!
  149. Say hello to my little friend
  150. Identifying Wood
  151. Help on helping sell a smoker
  152. New Smoker
  153. reverse flow smoker
  154. American Barbecue System
  155. New charcoal box
  156. What do you guys think...
  157. I will make turkey day!!!
  158. cleaning the smokers
  159. New Smoker.............Overdue
  160. In need of new fire box
  161. Experience with Lang 36" stretch ??
  162. so i got my first stick burner... school me on firebox
  163. Oklahoma Joe Highland mods and a cook with pics
  164. I guess I'm a stick burner now
  165. Lang?
  166. Seasoning time
  167. Worth it ??
  168. Johnson Smoker
  169. Oklahoma Joe Highland Question
  170. My Big Black Johnson
  171. Hey all
  172. 75# Top Round Wedding Reception Beef
  173. Hey Ken What do you think of this?
  174. Fire Management Practice
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