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  1. PP nachos
  2. New forum
  3. Chicken Salad sammich
  4. PP BBQ Pizza
  5. Venison Hash on a Biscuit
  6. Pulled Pork Fajitas.
  7. Do you use your leftovers...
  8. Moink Ball Skillet Pizza
  9. Wow again !
  10. Smoked Cod Spread
  11. 365 beef and noodles
  12. Pulled Pork Omelet
  13. breakfast roll bacon weave stuffed thingy in the oven
  14. Cuban Sammies
  15. Bierock's Revisited
  16. Not smoked but cured
  17. A good use of leftover pulled pork.
  18. Huevos Rancheros
  19. Mmm,chow mien
  20. Pulled Pork Tacos
  21. Stir Fry with Pulled Pork
  22. EZ Leftover's fer Louie
  23. Brisket Philly Cheesesteaks
  24. Late night snack
  25. T-H's Cowboy Beans & Hot Water Cornbread..
  26. hot beef sandwiches and corn
  27. Easy Leftover Beer Can Chicken Enchiladas
  28. Smoked Chuckie Chimichangas w/ Pics
  29. Chicken Dip
  30. Tater Qs
  31. Nachos N Enchiladas
  32. Pulled Pork Curried Crepes
  33. Would you eat this? It's been in the fridge almost a year!
  34. Triple Ps and wings
  35. smoked fried chicken
  36. Brunswick Stew with Hot Flour Tortillas
  37. Some Smoked Beef Indian Tacos
  38. Chicken Pot Pie
  39. Leftover Chicken
  40. left over Turkey? do this
  41. Smoked Beef Tostadahhhhh!
  42. Baked Spaghetti with Smoked Sausage
  43. smoked gravy also some andouille
  44. The Fat Bastard - Leftover Pork Loin Sandwich
  45. Simple is sometimes best
  46. Gumbo and mumbo jumbo
  47. Egg Foo Yumm
  48. The 2 Bill Sandwich
  49. Fatty leftovers
  50. Drinkin a brew and eating lamb stew
  51. Lamb Leftovers
  52. Brisket black bean burrito like thing
  53. smoke freak made me do it
  54. Berkshire pork fried rice w-pics
  55. Spare Rib Nacho Supreme!
  56. Brisket Left Overs
  57. What to do with leftover drunken chicken
  58. KA PP Sammy
  59. Super Simple Pulled Pork Enchiladas
  60. Creamy Smoked Chicken Enchiladas Supreme with Chile Verde and Monterey Jack Cheese
  61. Left overs!
  62. Pulled Pork Overload..... Ideas Wanted, Inquire Within....
  63. Pulled pork, Garlic mashed Taters and Lima beans
  64. Green PP goodness!
  65. Your Thanksgiving Leftover Busch Light Mad Hunky Tip Of The day.......HAM-Hamburgers!
  66. Eggs Baked Pulled Pork/Corn Beef Hash
  67. Another Left Over inspired by YOU guys!
  68. Pulled Pork BBQ Pot Pie
  69. Chicken Stuffed Portabello
  70. chicken..and the bare cupboard
  71. More Pulled Pork Enchiladas
  72. Brunswick Stew
  73. Chili from leftover ribs
  74. Smoked Chicken Salad
  75. ABT potato skins
  76. Bombay beer can chicken !
  77. My French Cuisine Inspired Leftovers
  78. Smoked Portobello Reubens
  79. Brisket Stroganoff
  80. Sunday leftovers
  81. Leftover Smoked Mad Hunky Pork Tenderloin Tostada
  82. Saturday left overs and a Sunday lunch...
  83. Pulled Pork......................Lasagna!
  84. T-H's Cowboy Beans
  85. Cleaning out the fridge ...
  86. BBQ Smoked Chicken Soup
  87. Well...... It's Almost The Weekend, What's Going On Smoked - Meat?
  88. Pork yuuuum
  89. Bacon & Mushroom Pork Tenderloin Pozole Soup in the Crock Pot, and Pulled Pork Chimis
  90. Chopped Pork Loin Onion and Green Chile Enchiladas
  91. How bout some ham and beans...
  92. The Kentucky Hot Brown Using Leftover Turkey and 85 Year Old Brown Hotel Recipe
  93. Pulled Pork Tetrazzini
  94. Turkey Carcass Soup...
  95. Pulled Pork Egg Rolls
  96. Tater Soup+ Smoked Meat= Happy People
  97. BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza..Hunkified..Lots of Pics
  98. Hot Whang Buffalo Chicken Pizza
  99. PP Calzones
  100. Ham & Beans & Taters
  101. Smoked Potato Pizza (with 6 smoked meats)
  102. Smoked Chicken and Rice
  103. Pulled Pork Eggrolls!
  104. Braised Carnitas Tacos.... barkonbutts style
  105. BBQ Chicken Pizza with added MH Pizza Shake
  106. Smoked Turkey Tetrazzini
  107. Does pulled ham count as leftovers ? Seeing as it's made to be eaten at a later date
  108. PP Chili
  109. Smoked Roast Beast Sammie
  110. Check This Ooot.........
  111. Leftover ribs
  112. Pretty good meal considering....
  113. What I did with my leftovers.
  114. BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza
  115. Quick Snack
  116. Cheesy Potato and Smoked Ham Soup!!!
  117. Pulled pork potstickers
  118. Leftover Pulled Pork Shepards Pie
  119. Alrighty Smoked-Meat....... Who's Cooking What Tonight & This Weekend?
  120. Brisket hash, with my leftover brisket
  121. PP BBQ Cups
  122. Contest Entry #6: Jalapeno Cheddar Pulled Pork Corn Dogs!
  123. Feb Entry #3, Open-Faced Leftover Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich w/ Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
  124. Tonight's Prime Rib Sammy!
  125. Smoked chicken stuffed shells
  126. BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza
  127. Chicken Bacon Artichoke Pizza
  128. Smoked quial enchiladas
  129. Left Over Tri Tip Philly Cheese Steaks!!
  130. Left Over Garden Herb Tri Tip transformed in to Super Sammie! LOL
  131. Scotch Eggs and Smoked Sausage, Bacon, Mushroom and Cheese Pizza Using the Leftovers.
  132. Big Ol pot of beans and pulled pork
  133. BBQ'd - Smoked - Buffalo chicken salad
  134. Buffalo Style Pulled Pork
  135. Pulled Pork Cheese Melt
  136. Black Bean, Corn , Smoked Chicken and Drippin's Soup
  137. Stroganoff with Left Over Tri Tip or Beef of Any Kind
  138. Pork Lo Mein
  139. Monday leftovers from sundays bbq :-)
  140. Pulled Pork Enchiladas
  141. Tonight's Grub...
  142. Chicken noodle soup
  143. Beef Pot Pie Using Leftover Beef Stew
  144. Pulled Pork Egg Rolls
  145. Turkey-Q
  146. So, what do you do with left over smoked chuck roast?
  147. Flautas de Pollo
  148. Smoked Chicken Salad with Bacon X2!
  149. What do we do with this crap?
  150. ton of Smoked chicken pot pie
  151. EZ Quesadillas
  152. New Years Day Smoked Chuckie Omelet
  153. Cold Weather Enchiladas
  154. Very Simple Bean Soup
  155. How about some leftovers
  156. leftovers = tacos!
  157. French dip
  158. Pastrami snack dip
  159. Left Over Steak And Pork Shoulder Ideas?
  160. Tater puffs and baked eggs
  161. Broccoli beef
  162. Can I call it a cheesesteak if it is made with pork?
  163. Mad Hunky Pork Loin Breakfast Sandwich and Some Other Goodies
  164. Pulled Pork Hash and a couple of shut eyes for Easter Morning
  165. BBQ Chicken Gouda Pizza... and dough stretching guide
  166. Smoked Ham n Scalloped Tatoes
  167. Corn Cakes n Pulled Pork Hash
  168. Tri Tip Tacos
  169. Brisket Tacos for Lunch
  170. Pulled pork nachos
  171. I'm looking for some ideas I can use up this Fried Chicken on
  172. French Dip
  173. Pot Pie Using Leftover Chuck Roast
  174. Brisket egg sandwich
  175. Leftover Pulled Pork Sandwich
  176. Three Year Old Dinner & Breakfast
  177. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms
  178. A Tri Tip Sandwich
  179. Turkey Leftovers
  180. Steak Fajita Quesadilla and A Blackberry Tart
  181. It Is Chilly Outside, So How About Some Belly Warming Chili
  182. Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup... Real Good, Real Tasty, Real Easy
  183. Smoky Stuffed Mushrooms
  184. Burnt Ends Sandwich for Lunch
  185. Leftover Rump Roast.....
  186. Biscuit Topped Smoked Leftover Chicken Pot Pie
  187. Smoked Turkey, Smoked Bacon, Ham and Provilone Panini
  188. So I Wanted A Chili Cheese Dawg.....
  189. Mushroom Ravioli with a Smoked Chicken Cream Sauce
  190. How About Some BBQ Chicken Pizza Tonight?
  191. Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps
  192. Friday Night Flatbread Pizza
  193. Reuben Fritters.... My Oh My...These Rock!!
  194. Leftover Lasagna Fatty = Good Stuffing for Peppers
  195. Leftover meatloaf -Sammie time!
  196. Quick post and a nod to Gracoman
  197. Just a Plain Pulled Chuckie Sammie
  198. leftover yardbird = buffalo chicken dip
  199. Pulled beef clod its for breakfast
  200. Reuben!
  201. Return Of the Ruben Fritters
  202. Not a pot pie. Not a cottage pie. It's a Cow pie.
  203. Beef Dino Rib Sammies
  204. Prime Rib Cheesesteaks (Open-Face)
  205. Pulled Chucky Sandwich, Onion Straws, and Pizza
  206. Leftovers. With love from my wife.
  207. Smoky burger beer potato cheese soup
  208. Pulled Pork leftover idea.....
  209. Cheese Steaks made from Beef Dino Rib Meat (And Webbers too)
  210. Buffalo Wing Style Pork Popper.
  211. Prime Rib Sammies (Two Kinds)
  212. Smoked Chicken Burrito with a Jalapeno Lime Ranch Sauce
  213. Open Faced Smoked Chuck Sandwich
  214. Tri tip and pancetta sliders
  215. Chicken Thigh Sammies (Hickory Smoked)
  216. Friday night...Not exactly burnt ends...
  217. Cheesesteaks on Toast (Ribeye Leftovers)
  218. Cheesesteaks using Prime Rib Leftovers
  219. Fillet Mignon Cheesesteaks (From Leftover Beef Tenderloin)
  220. Smoked Chicken Enchiladas
  221. Smoked Pulled Pork Barbecue Parfaits
  222. Fillet Mignon Sammies
  223. Ribeye Cheesesteaks (Bear Style Open Face)
  224. French Dip Roast Beef Sliders
  225. Beef BBQ Nachos
  226. Brunswick Stew
  227. Pork Fried Rice(kinda)
  228. Overgrown zucchini on the grill
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