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  1. USDA Food and equipment fact sheet site
  2. Sanitizing agents
  3. General meat handling
  4. Food Safety Information
  5. Food Safety and Low and Slow Discussion with bbally
  6. Cooking Different Types of Meats Vertically
  7. Food holding times/temps
  8. Because I see mistakes in food handling...
  9. Cryo packed meat shelf life?
  10. Sauce longevity
  11. Interesting thread
  12. How Long Will It Keep?
  13. Just an Idea. Need your thoughts.
  14. The green side of things
  15. Danger Zone - Low & Slow in the danger zone too long?
  16. Pickled Eggs Danger???
  17. Sausage safety question?
  18. Pulling temps
  19. Keeping Meat Cold in an Ice Chest
  20. How long do delis keep their meat?
  21. Thermoworks Thermometers?
  22. best way to keep ribs and chicken overnight
  23. smokin with thermometers
  24. Pork Shoulder
  25. Interesting website -
  26. dirtiest utensil in your kitchen
  27. Dry Cure vs Wet Cure
  28. Question for Richtte
  29. Meat Thermometer
  30. Vinegar Sanitizer
  31. What make something Food safe?
  32. OK I have a question
  33. Chicken Safety
  34. The 2009 Food Code
  35. Thanks bbally
  36. Dewied Sausage Casing
  37. Celery Juice for a cure?
  38. Should I risk it and take a bite
  39. Curing question
  40. Brine/Wet cure question
  41. Johnny's Fine Foods Recalls Johnny's French Dip Powdered Au Jus
  42. Kroger soup mix recall
  43. Salmonella Recall Update
  44. Keeps getting bigger folks
  45. Spice Barn, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Two Lots of Black Pepper
  46. C. H. Guenther & Son, Inc. Announces recalls
  47. To cure or not to cure?
  48. How to wash strawberries, removes tiny insects‏
  49. How long will homemade sauce last?
  50. Safely sending Sausage?
  51. What's your limit
  52. Onion Information
  53. Turkey Broth Storage
  54. Mailing pre-cooked ribs
  55. Sally Jackson Cheese Recall
  56. ? for Danger Dan
  57. The sometimes cost of doing what you love
  58. Safe home canning guide. Read this before you start.
  59. ? on headspace when canning
  60. Sodium free diet
  61. Min. Safe Internal Meat Temps Chart
  62. Study finds Nearly half of US meat contaminated with bacteria
  63. New pork temps from the USDA
  64. Meat Deterioration info
  65. Would you eat it?
  66. Proper oil and lard storage?
  67. 4 hour stall at 125 degrees.
  68. Shelf stable BACON.
  69. Thermometer usage
  70. Info from the clorox site
  71. Update: Deadly Salmonella Outbreak in Ground Turkey
  72. how to keep a whole hog cool
  73. Need container to store 50 lbs of flour
  74. Some important info on cooking dried red kidney beans
  75. Listeria Concern Prompts Smoked Salmon Recall
  76. pvc question
  77. loose fitting cryovac bag
  78. Grinding your own hambuger meat ?
  79. Interesting/Pathetic Story on Refridgerated Food Delivery Trucks
  80. Food Recalls and Alerts
  81. Cantaloupe Deaths From Listeria!!!!!!
  82. Major score ,what a find -but would you?
  83. Defrosting a turkey
  84. Cryovac
  85. Pork butts cooking to fast.
  86. Winn-Dixie is recalling Sunrise Assorted Assorted Flavor Gummy Bears
  87. Herbadashery LLC Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Anchovy in Pine Ridge BBQ and Dip
  88. Meat processing guide
  89. It's The Weekend, What's Going On Your Smoker?
  90. Food Grade Plastic for Meat Processing & Brining
  91. Smokin joe's BBQ-SPRAYER
  92. Plastic for brining and processing
  93. Anyone ever hear this about Onions....
  94. Plastic Wrap in the Oven
  95. meat slicer gaurds/do not remove, if you do be very careful...
  96. Safety Tip #1
  97. 1 TBS Bleach to 1 gal water?
  98. Mortally ill horse flagellation
  99. Well......... It's Almost The Weekend, What's Cooking Smoked-Meat?
  100. purchasing sea food in stores. may need to check it out better.
  101. Cleanin' 'er out
  102. Re-packaging canned foods
  103. Is this mold?
  104. Hey Smoked-Meat....... What's Cooking This Weekend?
  105. Pre made fattie question
  106. Tenderquick
  107. Cooking Temps
  108. 69% contamination rate in pork?
  109. For the west coasters Foster Farms Chicken
  110. Just A Friendly Reminder.........
  111. Louisiana Firm Recalls Cooked Meat, Poultry, and Deli Products
  112. Just Got My Thermoworks Thermometers
  113. While looking into the injection Q...
  114. Opinion, please - refrigerated shelf-life of cryo's pork butt
  115. Missouri Firm Recalls Meatballs Due To Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination
  116. California Firm Recalls Ready-To-Eat Smoked Pork Sausage Products Produced Without th
  117. Wisconsin Firm Recalls Frozen Pizzas Due To Possible Foreign Matter Contamination
  118. New York Firm Recalls Fresh Mozzarella with Chorizo & Cilantro Products Due to Misbra
  119. New Jersey Firm Recalls Frozen Pasta Products Produced Without Benefit of Inspection
  120. Tiny Wire From BBQ Brush Lands Teen in Surgery
  121. Louisiana Firm Recalls Stew Products Due To Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens
  122. California Firm Recalls Pork Pie Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens
  123. Was gonna grill some burgers.Only the names have been changed to protect the ignorant
  124. California Firm Recalls Ready-To-Eat Grilled Chicken Strips Due To Misbranding and Un
  125. Salmonella in Spces & Dry Rubs ?
  126. Missouri Firm Recalls Lasagna Products Due To Misbranding and Undeclared Allergen
  127. Missouri Firm Recalls Lasagna Products Due To Misbranding and Undeclared Allergen
  128. Your Kitchens Germiest Items
  129. California Firm Recalls Salad Product Containing Chicken Due To Misbranding and Undec
  130. Alabama Firm Recalls Beef Jerky Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergen
  131. Canning question...
  132. So about washing poultry
  133. This bucket is food safe correct?
  134. Salmonella Outbreak Chicken No Recall
  135. A good source on nitrate/ite usage and levels
  136. Gluten Free...
  137. Curing and Smoking Meats for Home Food Preservation
  138. Trichinosis in Wild Hog??
  139. Poultry and safe cooking temperatures
  140. Smoked meats and antidepressants
  141. Fire safety advice for various grills
  142. Egg yolk emulsifier?
  143. Watch your fire!
  144. Packaged Beef Recall-Nov 22
  145. ground beef recall (canada)
  146. Nebraska Firm Recalls Pork Belly Products
  147. FSIS announces two recalls of pork products
  148. Trichinosis
  149. Which Cut of Meat Is Least Likely to Make You Sick?
  150. Undeclared Peanut Allergen in Sweet Hungarian Paprika
  151. food danger zone
  152. B & R Meat Processing recalls pork products due to Staphylococcal
  153. C Bot claims one, 23 sick in Ohio.
  154. Frontline report on Salmonella.
  155. Know the true morel...
  156. I Would Like To Say I Kindly Disagree With This Report..
  157. 49,000 Pounds of Pork Sausage Recalled by Michigan Company
  158. Hey Floridians!!!
  159. Pulled pork left out 6 hours.
  160. 2 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled...
  161. Question...
  162. What is the best way to quick thaw Meat for Sausage?
  163. First lawsuit filed in connection with whole hog recall
  164. Ground Meat cooking temp?
  165. Recalls of Organic Foods and All Foods on the Rise
  166. Another reason why you should be grinding your own hamburger
  167. Turkey Bacon Recall
  168. Hey! Smoked-Meat..... What's Cooking This Weekend?
  169. Charcoal and shoes......
  170. And another one.
  171. Heads up about chicken...AGAIN! *sigh*
  172. Another reason I shop at Costco:
  173. Bumblebee tuna
  174. New Label Mandated by USDA
  175. FDA says NO raw dough, even if it's eggless
  176. Do I have To Throw These Away ?
  177. Best cooler for resting meat
  178. Reheating /thawing temp for beef in souse vide?
  179. Found frozen ribs in freezer
  180. Looking for answer
  181. Listeria outbreak
  182. Thawing Pork Shoulder Via SV for Smoker
  183. U.S. bans imports of Brazilian beef
  184. USDA Recalls Hot Dogs
  185. Leading U.S. baked beans maker issues recall over leaky cans
  186. pulled pork from picnic
  187. Sanitizing equipment
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