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  1. Pellet Smokers
  2. Smoked Turkey
  3. Model Pellet Grill/Smoker
  4. Attention pellet pooper owners!!!!!
  5. Bradley Smoker Wood Pucks..
  6. Traeger Users Here?... A Little Input Please?
  7. Smoke Daddy on the Traeger
  8. The New digs
  9. Smoke Turkey in the Traeger/Smoke Daddy
  10.'s - Custom Yoder Pellet Smoker
  11. My Buddies Traeger
  12. Traeger question?
  13. Costco Bradley Smoker?
  14. Pizza in the Traeger.
  15. How did I screw this up?
  16. need some help..
  17. Added a auger run light to my Traeger
  18. How hot does you Traeger Get
  19. PID Controlled Traeger 070
  20. pellet smoker question
  21. Insulated Cabinet Pellet Smoker
  22. Pellets at Costco
  23. Nice NICE smoker!
  24. The Yoder YS640 off the Pellet - Enhancements
  25. Heck of a Deal- New Pellet Pooper
  26. Yoder YS640 High Temp Test U18 Firmware
  27. Traeger Lil Tex being controlled by the Savannah Stoker Short Pictorial
  28. Traeger Lil Tex being controlled by the Savannah Stoker Short Pictorial
  29. Just Ordered the Ortech TR-100 for my Traeger 075
  30. Just ordered the yoder ys640
  31. Yoder YS640 modifications with pics
  32. Yoder YS640 Review - U20 Firmware
  33. Any Yoder YS480 owners out there?
  34. Smoking Tips for Traeger
  35. Anyone seen or tried one of these? - THE GRILLA
  36. Momma's got a new toy - Yoder YS640 (pic heavy)
  37. Ever see one of these ??
  38. MAK Pellet Grills
  39. Savannah Stoker II for Wood Pellet Smokers Status Update
  40. Odered my Yoder today!!!
  41. Yoder problems
  42. A New Yoder Pellet Smoker Fell from the Heavens!
  43. Yoder stands by their warranty
  44. New/old ??? Smoke Daddy
  45. Yoder Pellet Smoker - #4 with Popular Mechanics
  46. pellet brands/flavors
  47. Yoder YS640 Direct Grilling using the optional Grill Grates
  48. My Smoker Control System
  49. scored on BBQr's Delight pellets
  50. Smoke Daddy Plumbed to use Pellet Grill Air.
  51. pulled the trigger on ys640
  52. Traeger Addition
  53. A Little Yoder YS640 Porn!!
  54. YS640 / YS480 owners
  55. Generator/Power Inverter Question
  56. Updated the yoder !!!!!
  57. Help me choose
  58. Best father's day
  59. Seasoning the new Yoder
  60. Southwest Chipotle Chicken Pizza with a Blush Sauce
  61. Water pan???
  62. Anyone have problems with the new yoder fan????
  63. Its here!!!
  64. Black Olive - Komando Pellet Grill
  65. PID Controlled Traeger/Masterbuilt Combo
  66. Natures Way Chrcoal pellets
  67. Yoder YS-640 Auger Noise
  68. Why a pellet smoker instead of a gas Weber?
  69. New Yoder Pellet Smoker Available
  70. New pellet cs 450 ash?
  71. Yoder YS640 pellet usage test results Oct 12'
  72. U26 software update from Yoder
  73. paying off a debt
  74. remember that Stones concert in san jose at sparten stadium in '71
  75. Yoder YS640 dryer is gone!
  76. New yoder purchase
  77. New toy A-Maze-N tube smoker
  78. Royall RG 2000 Smoker/Grill
  79. Savannah Stoker II Prototype Installed in my Royall RG 2000.
  80. sparky's new pellet smoker
  81. 1st cook dedicated to my friend Jack
  82. So I got it....
  83. Hey everybody! No idea what I am doing!!
  84. Buying bulk pellets and pellet storage
  85. Yoder YS640 in the rain
  86. New Yoder Tips
  87. cold smoking, AMNPS
  88. A-MAZE-N-TUBE SMOKER in the Royall 2000 Pellet Smoker.
  89. First Cook Ribs
  90. Santa brought me some Pit Bling
  91. Which Yoder to buy?
  92. Received AMNPS - Looking forward to trying it!
  93. Bob Grillson smoking at 100°F
  94. Where to buy Pellets, NYC area?
  95. Chicken Thighs, 12 year old Grandson, New Savannah Smoker II Controlled Pellet Smoker
  96. Sold the pellet smoker/grill
  97. Using Auber SYL-2372 in Manual Mode for Traeger PTG
  98. Brisket Bliss on the Rec Tec
  99. New GMG owner
  100. Rock’s Stoker Interfaced with the SSII Managing my Royall Pellet Smoker
  101. Vote for the best pellet grill/smoker
  102. Yoder Ys640 Thermostat
  103. Pizza? ys-640
  104. YS-640 hotspot test
  105. Yoder YS640 with a problem??
  106. Lets see those......
  107. Yoder ash removal mod
  108. Yoder YS640 awesome food
  109. Committed "THE" Cardinal Sin
  110. YS640
  111. why I love the YS640
  112. Any one use Cameron Pellets?
  113. Weekend Smokes on YS640
  114. BBQ Delight or Lumber Jack?
  115. Lots'o Pellets
  116. Breakfast on the Ys640
  117. New Smoker arrived
  118. New $5.00 Pellet burner
  119. Ordered a new Yoder YS480 today!
  120. Pellets Available at Academy Sports
  121. Burning in the new pellet pooper.
  122. It has arrived...New Yoder YS480
  123. Yoder YS640 cook went too good
  124. Got some experience with the Yoder
  125. YS640 Thermometer Probe Mods (silicone inserts)
  126. A-Maze-N-Smoker
  127. foil the heat plate on 640
  128. cheaper wood pellet smoke generator
  129. pizza on the 640
  130. New Yoder YS640 and YS480 manuals
  131. Bulk Pellets
  132. Yoder 640 has arrived
  133. Free shipping on LumberJack pellets
  134. Salmon on the Traeger
  135. Smoked Meat loaf
  136. Yoder YS640
  137. Ribs, Chicken, Veggies, corn
  138. Pizza Pizza
  139. POS shelf on Traeger Teas Grill
  140. Paella on the Traeger
  141. Which Yoder to buy? Answer YS640
  142. A few more cooks on the Yoder
  143. Yoder YS640 & the baffle
  144. Recommendation request: griddle for the Yoder YS640
  145. Gasket for my YS640 Modifications
  146. Yoder invents warp speed ground transportation
  147. Traeger Texas on Craigslist Straight forward advice needed
  148. Weber 22.5 Pellet Burner Kit on CL
  149. Probe port question
  150. Chargriller pellets
  151. Another Pellet (not grill) question
  152. New pellets coming to market soon
  153. Smoked me a brisket today. The best ever for me!
  154. Green Mountain
  155. Pellet smokers in cold weather
  156. Would you put your smoker here?
  157. Pellet question, looked through posts more than a few pages back.
  158. Anyone ever use Lil' Devils pellets?
  159. The Yoder is coming! The Yoder is coming!
  160. Char-Griller Pellet Grill
  161. Yoder YS640 & YS1500
  162. Yoder defuser
  163. How low does the Yoder 640 go?
  164. Gavity-fed, upright, reverse-flow pellet smoker?
  165. Temp controller; do you trust it?
  166. 35F and smoking ribs on the YS640
  167. WOW!
  168. 20 below zero and Yoder is working great
  169. The Yoder makes smoke and can stain patio covers, who knew?
  170. Getting to know my grill
  171. Spent to much on pellets this last year
  172. Pellet smoker Conundrum
  173. Santa is coming to sopchoppy late
  174. YS640 Outer Fan Diffuser Procedure
  175. It's here it's here
  176. ordered my yoder today
  177. Its here, the yoder is here, wahoo!!!
  178. New Yoder YS1500 has arrived
  179. pellet grill ?
  180. Pellet grill new.
  181. New Yoder YS640 is here!
  182. doubled the cookin space
  183. YS 640 temp swings help
  184. sausage in the PP
  185. Graphs of the igrill 2 on the Yoder 640
  186. New REC TEC smoker/grill
  187. Check out my Father's Day wood
  188. Suck It Pizza Hut!! Mad Hunky Pizza
  189. Just a smoked meatloaf
  190. Addition to my Yoder Family......a new 1500 pellet pooper
  191. A Daniel Boone problem?
  192. 2014 pellet suggestions
  193. New toy
  194. yoder 640 owners
  195. Today is the day...
  196. best pellet smoker
  197. Baggett Tube Pellet smoker.
  198. On the off chance... Treager control board?
  199. YS640 heat diffuser
  200. "How-To" videos for Yoder pellet line
  201. New YS 640 Yoder is HERE
  202. First Brisket on the new Yoder
  203. Time for some ribs
  204. Yoder YS1500 capacity
  205. Replacing Yoder 640 ignitor
  206. The Search is On
  207. Important question about Yoder YS1500
  208. Surprise Surprise, SS v3 Controller
  209. YODER YS-640 Wheel Modification and powder coat
  210. Smoked geese
  211. Does anybody have any experience with GMG Daniel Boone?
  212. Hauling my YS640, mobility carrier?
  213. Pellets...Newbie question
  214. finally some nice weather
  215. YS1500 is here!
  216. New YS640 here in Colorado!!!
  217. My new Yoder YS1500 gets dirty
  218. Yoder or Rectec??
  219. First cook on my new Yoder 640
  220. frozen ribs
  221. Just for Irish Chef...hehehe...
  222. New Yoder YS640 and my 1st cook
  223. Yoder or Smokin Brothers
  224. Pellet smoker question
  225. Pulled pork Pizza in the pooper
  226. Does anybody have a Pit Boss
  227. Pellets
  228. Cleaning / Degreasing Smoker
  229. Thoughts on Lumberjack pellets
  230. What Flavor pellets?
  231. Bull Rack
  232. Top or bottom?
  233. Bradley smoker
  234. ok so trying to decide
  235. New heat diffusor
  236. Rotisserie For GMG Pellet Smoker? Ideas?
  237. Blaz'n Grill Works Grid Iron 2nd Test-Ribs
  238. Calling all pellet loving Canucks
  239. Cabelas Pellet Smoker
  240. What's next?
  241. I've been thinking about a pellet pooper?
  242. Gonna be bringing these in
  243. Blaz'n Grid Iron Controlled by Savannah Stoker IV Interfaced with
  244. Camp Chef Pellet smoker
  245. Pellet Grills Rule... So far
  246. Grilla Grills Silverbac
  247. Suggestions for keeping the bloody AMNPS lit?
  248. Traeger Texas 34 vs rec tec 680
  249. Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 44" Pellet Smoker
  250. Pellet grill searing
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