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Texas-Hunter 10-09-2011 06:52 PM

Pepper Heads
Here at Smoked-Meat we strive to have the best Pitmasters on the net. With that comes growth and taking on new adventures, even to modify their meats! This is to salute those that have not only embraced growing and utilizing a variety of peppers, but have created perfection with their ideas, techniques and recipes.

So from us here at Smoked-Meat we award you with the prestigious Smoked-Meat Pepper Head Award.

Feel free to add the text in your signature line that you are a Smoked-Meat Certified Pepper Head. Pepper Heads

Richoso1 (Gone but not forgotten) R.I.P.

Class of 2013


Texas-Hunter 10-25-2013 06:42 PM

This has been a long time coming, Please allow me to introduce to you the Pepper Head Class of 2013..

Barkonbutts, Not only have you shown that you have raised your own peppers and have done very well at it. You have made my tatsebuds burn while reading some of your recipes that you have made with you home grown crops.. A true Pepper Head..

SMOKE FREAK, Craig what can I really say, you have been a inspiration to many on your pepper recipes and then to launch Ghost-Potles is insane.. Plus you make a damn great Chipotle Sauce.. (I'm out by the way).. Looking to see much more in the future..

SQUIB, Dude you are in just from the detail "Fire in the Hole" recipe you have posted.. Great job, and it looks like it would be great on any food(s)..

Wingman & MrZip66
, You boy are in due to having stomachs of Iron.. Not many here would do what you guys did.. Heat and pain must be your best two friends..

Welcome guys and congratulations on the achievement..

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