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Default Brisket Emergency from a new user!

Hey there...just smoked my first brisket. It is a 14 pound full packer from sams club. I trimmed it up a bit and took the huge fat veins out and left about a 1/4 inch of fat on the fat side. Gave it a simple dry rub as well. Everything I have read in various sites said minimum of about 75 minutes a pound at around 225 to 230. I put it in my madterbuilt electric smoker last night 11pm thinking it would take minimum of 15 hours and be ready for Christmas supper here in MN. Additionally temps overnight were down below zero so I thought that would slow it down. Long story short my brisket was down at 8 am....only 9 hours. I know my temp on my gauge is correct and I also proved all over for both temp and it slid in easily. 1) How is this possible? And 2) Now what!? I wrapped in towels and put in a cooler but will it really make 530 supper??
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