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Default First smoke on 26r, pork loin

Haven't been on the forum as much with the new baby but I've been grilling alot with the 26r just no time to smoke. Figured I'd do a pork loin roast for tonight. 3 lb roast coated with MH and BS. New to this on the Weber so I overshot the temp. Ran around 285 F most of the time. Was shooting for 250. Took just under 2.5 hrs where is normally be about 3 - 3.5. Threw in a couple chunks of apple wood.

I picked up some fire brick and tried the setup in the picture. Had three bricks on the bottom grate and the three on the food grate. And filled the space with charcoal. Just added about 15 lits briqs put the lid on with the vents wide open. Tried to cut it back around 230F but it kept climbing. I forgot about it buta few weeks ago I had the charcoal grate slip out of my hand and it slid under one of the wings of the butterfly and bent it up a hair. I'm assuming that didn't let me shut the vent enough because it stayed high with the bottom vent in the closed position. I'll have to see if I can take that apart and carefully bend it back into place.

Any advice on not over shooting temp?

Not eating until 7 so I'll update later how it tastes.


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