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Default Traeger Texas 34 vs rec tec 680

If I have missed other threads on this, please forgive me. I've just moved and until cable is dug, I'm on a smartphone.

I've had a traeger Lil Texas elite for about 5 years and loved it. I didn't maintain it as well as I should have and it got tossed in the move. Time for an upgrade.

I was just going to buy the Texas elite 34 until I saw the rec tec 680. Delivered, the 34 is $900 and the 680 is $1200. The pictures of the 680 are gorgeous, but I can't inspect in person.

I want it primarily as a smoker, but the option to grill is nice. Mostly pork butts (never more than two at a time), smoked turkey, ribs (3 racks at a time) and brisket. I do like midnight brisket (putting it on at midnight), so the larger hopper would be nice for that.

I'm in north Florida, so cold isn't an issue.

Is the rec tec worth $300 more than the traeger? I don't really want to spend more than $1200.

Thank you for your time and opinions.

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